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Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău is a public university in Romania, located in Bacău. It was named in honour of the poet Vasile Alecsandri. The University  is an important constituent part of the Romanian educational system; its achievements are nationally and internationally acknowledged for the quality of its academic and research activity.  Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău is situated in Central Moldavia, in Bacău, the capital of the county of Bacău. The town has a population of 134 000 inhabitants and a long history, as it is one of the oldest in Romania.


The Journal of Innovation in Psychology Education and Didactics (JIPED) is a bi-annual  scientific journal edited by an Editorial Office from the specialisation The Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool  Education of Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău. The journal is an international peer-reviewed and open access journal. The editorial activity is coordinated by the Editorial Board and the  Committee of Scientific Reviewers, including an impressive scientific staff  from Romanian and other European universities.


Psychreg is an online resource in psychology, mental health and well-being. It also publishes Psychreg Journal of Psychology and hosts Psychreg Podcast.  The website features a wealth of information: from profiles, to articles, to job vacancies, to videos, etc. More recently, it has been voted as a finalist for the UK Blog Awards health and social care category. Its founder, Dennis Relojo, is one of the workshop presenters on this conference.


Cyprus Pedagogical Institute was founded in 1972 by the decision of the Cabinet on the basis of the report-proposal submitted by Professor EG Wedell, from the University of Manchester, Consultant of UNESCO in 1971 on “Cyprus – Teacher and Educational Development”. The Pedagogical Institute consolidated the Service Development Programme (SAP), which deals with the writing and publishing of textbooks, the production of teaching materials for teachers and for students, and with curriculum design.


The Educational Research Institute (ERI) was established in 1965 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, as an institute devoted to the study of education. From 1970 the ERI was associated with the University of Ljubljana until the 1995 when, with an act of the Government of Slovenia, ERI obtained the status of the public research institution and thus became an independent research institute. ERI is a founding member of the European Educational Research Association (EERA).


The University of Granada is a public university located in the city of Granada, Spain, and founded in 1531 by Emperor Charles V. With approximately 80,000 students, it is the fourth largest university in Spain. Apart from the city of Granada, it also has campuses in Northern Africa (Ceuta and Melilla). Every year over 2,000 European students enrol at the University through the Erasmus Programme, making it the most popular European destination.


Moldova State University (MSU) was founded on October 1, 1946 as the State University of Chisinau. Its creation was a milestone for the development, strengthening and consolidation of the higher education of the country. MSU is known worldwide in the area of higher education and is integrated into a strengthened international cooperation network, having concluded about 110 bilateral cooperation agreements with institutions of higher education from 28 countries.